Monday, August 06, 2007

Will N&O public editor

Ted Vaden answer any of the following seven questions?

If you think he will, how do you think he’ll do it?

I’ll post any answers I get back from Vaden.

But I should tell you that from what other N&O readers tell me and from my own experience, Vaden is one public editor who often doesn’t respond to readers, even when their questions are important, fair and fact-based.


Dear Ted:

As you know, on April 12, 2007, the day after the Attorney General had declared the three young men innocent, the N&O for the first time reported that during her interview with the N&O on March 24, 2006, Crystal Mangum” said the second dancer was also sexually assaulted at the party but didn't report it for fear of losing her job. Also, Mangum said the second dancer “would do anything for money.” And more the N&O didn't report.


1) Why did the N&O d say nothing about any of that when it reported on the interview in a front-page, above the fold story headlined Dancer gives details of ordeal? (3/25/06)

2) Why did the N&O for thirteen months withhold from readers and other news organizations crucially important news the public should have had, and which was so exculpatory for three young men the N&O must have realized very early on were being framed?

3) When did you first learn of your paper’s news suppression and its cover-up of same; and what did you do about what you'd learned?

4) You’ve so far failed to comment publicly on what the N&O did. Why is that?

5) When can readers expect you to comment publicly on what the N&O did?

6) Does the N&O intend to apologize to the three young men, their families, its readers, other news organizatons and the community for what it did beginning on March 25, 2006, and for thirteen months thereafter?

Most people I talk to, including journalists, think an apology is the least the N&O should do.

Thank you for your attention to these questions. I’ll publish your answers in full at my blog.


John in Carolina


Anonymous said...

Hope you are not holding your breath.


Anonymous said...

But we appreciate your persistence and your doggedness. Keep at it.