Monday, August 06, 2007

In this hot weather

when we’re getting ready to drive somewhere, we take small, water-filled plastic bottles out of the frig and put them in the car.

A few are for us; the rest are for the panhandlers who “work” the traffic light intersections.

We almost never give those folks money but in this weather . . . (you all can finish the rest of it).

A few will wave the water off and ask for money but most, if you say, “I only give water. It’s real cold,” take the bottle and thank you.

I know in some places panhandlers can be so aggressive, you don’t want to open your window.

But in these parts (central North Carolina) very, very few are.

Some people who do what we do, just buy packs of bottles at the supermarket.

Other folks find they can wash out plastic bottles and fill them ¾ full (again you can finish it).

They’re recycling in a very admirable way.

And doing a double good!

Well, there you are.


HumboldtBlue said...

Hmm, a water service? I just hope haloscan is working ... Haven't been able to comment for a while (and I finally worked through my lefty-anger issues of being permanently banned) ...

As for water, we had rain over the weekend.

JWM said...

Dear HB,

I don't know what you mean by "being permenently banned"


Brian said...

We periodically make a batch of nutrition bags to give to panhandlers. A bottle of water, new pair of socks, a cup of fruit and plastic spoon, some fruit bars, some peanut butter crackers to get a little protein, sometimes a small Bible, etc. We can pack a gallon Ziploc bag full of useful items for about $5 each by buying in bulk and making 20-30 at a time, and the bags seem to be well-received when they're given.