Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I thank the "editors"


Earlier today I meant to post: INNOCENT:“Rape-Crisis” Feminism

Instead, I posted: NNOCENT: "Rape-Crisis” Feminism

A few hours later I received the following comment from Anon @ 2:33 :

John, great post.

Small point but you are missing the "I" of Innocent in the title. You may wish to correct that. Thank you for all your intelligent and informative posts.
I missed the "I" in Innocent?

I didn't do that, did I?

But I did.

I thank Anon @ 2:33 for pointing out my mistake.

Who says bloggers don't have editors?

I thank every one of the JinC "editors" who've pointed out my mistakes, large and small, since I began blogging in May, 2005.

The "editors" make JinC a more reliable and readable blog.



Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, I thought there is no "I" in innocent (or is that no "me" in team) - can't keep it straight.

JinC - I love you blog. A voice of civility and reason in a cacophonous world.

Anonymous said...

oops. "you" s.b. "your"

Anonymous said...

10:39 Me too, John - civility and reason - without the disgusting language - the bad guys are making a move on your board.