Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Climate & Kyoto Misreporting

At the blog View From a Height we read:

Media bias doesn't operate by outright lies (usually). Instead it operates by settling on and relentlessly repeating an overly-simple and therefore deceptive narrative.
That’s the start of an excellent post that takes a critical look at a Washington Post article:
about how meaningful climate change legislation is being stifled (but only on this side of the Atlantic) by economic concerns ( "Climate Change Debate Hinges on Economics" ).

There are those of us who are grateful for such concerns, but the Post seems disturbed by them. Naturally, the issue is cast as a morality play, with the selfless Europeans facing off against the narrow-minded Americans. The truth is, naturally, a little more, ah, nuanced.
View From a Height goes on to demonstrate that not only is the truth regarding climate change more “nuanced,” but that reporting on it is often false.

You can read the entire post here.