Sunday, June 10, 2007

INNOCENT: DPD’s Sorry Addison

"... these three individuals [David Evans, Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann,] are innocent of these charges."

North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper, Apr. 11, 2007
For days last March Durham Police Cpl. David Addison acted as DPD spokesperson.

During that time Addison made what he knew were false and racially inflammatory statements to the press and public about the Duke lacrosse players and a “brutal rape” that never happened.

What’s more, acting as Durham CrimeStoppers Coordinator, Addison wrote and sent to police substations, media and others the text of the Durham CS Duke lacrosse Wanted poster, which Addison also knew contained false and racially inflammatory statements.

Addison has never explained why he did those things. And Addison’s DPD supervisors and City Manager Patrick Baker have so far failed to ask him about them.

Perhaps they’ve said nothing because they all respect a DPD sworn officer's right to privacy in cases involving the framing of innocent citizens.

Whatever the case, we know Addison's now feeling very, very sorry. He told us that in a letter published today in the Durham Herald Sun.

And who’s Addison feeling sorry for?


You can read Addison’s letter in full in this post.

If you come to the end of Addison’s letter and find yourself crying, go straight to Liestoppers where Joan Foster has a poetic response to the sorry Cpl. Addison:

Shall I send you a box of Kleenex to wipe away your widdle tears?
Or a teddy bear to comfort you and allay your widdle fears?

All this "scrutiny and criticism" has Davey-boy verklempt
He's writing to the newspaper that his "Team" should be exempt!

He feels "bloodied by the slander"..oh my! We feel your pain!
Though I'm thinking of three other guys (one who shares your name)

I'm thinking of the year they spent, "vicious attacks" and such.
Because, Davey, your "Team" was incompetent and/or corrupt.

They walked to court past death threats, were hounded by the press
Protesters called to "castrate" them and other chilling threats. …
The rest of Joan’s poem is here.

Nice work, Joan. One of your best.


Anonymous said...

It was no surprise to me that the AA community was so inflamed at this event. Between the N#O, Ruthies essai, statements like this from the police, I would have been outraged also. A terrible diservice was done to Durham and the team. The DPD caught in their own lies.