Thursday, May 24, 2007

Clinton Staff Shakeup Due

The AP reports:

Hillary Rodham Clinton's deputy campaign manager wrote a memo this week urging the Democratic front-runner to bypass the Iowa caucuses, in order to spend time and resources in New Hampshire, South Carolina and several larger states hosting primaries next Feb. 5.

The memo emerged days after a new Des Moines Sunday Register poll of likely caucus goers showed Clinton trailing rivals John Edwards and Barack Obama in Iowa, which is scheduled to hold the first voting contests next January 14.

"I believe we need a new approach to winning the Democratic nomination," deputy campaign manager Mike Henry wrote. "This approach involves shifting the focus away from Iowa and running a campaign that is more focused on other early primary states and winning this new national primary."

There was no indication Wednesday that Henry's advice would be heeded. Campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson said both the candidate and her top advisers are committed to campaigning in Iowa and that Henry's views were not shared by others in the campaign.

"These are Mike's thoughts, the memo was unsolicited, and it does not reflect in any way Sen. Clinton's thinking," Wolfson said.
The sentence after that should have read:
”'We’re looking not just at replacing Henry, but at a staff shake-up that will bring people on board who’ll help Sen. Clinton win Iowa,' Wolfson added."
But Wolfson didn’t say that although we all know it’s going to happen because whenever the deputy campaign manager writes a memo saying the campaign strategy needs to change and the campaign spokesperson says, “No, it doesn’t,” that’s a sure sign of a big split within the campaign staff. Some staffers are going to go soon, and with a mega-millions campaign like Hillary's, you can be sure there'll be money to bring new staffers on board. The coming shakeup won't be a disguised cost-cutting move.

But the AP makes no mention of a staff split and impending shakeup. It doesn’t even say how it came by the memo.

Instead the AP purrs on to reassure Iowa Clinton supporters:
Indeed, Clinton has a full schedule of events in western Iowa this weekend and is scheduled to campaign in state the following two weekends as well.

Clinton's campaign in Iowa is headed by veteran strategist JoDee Winterhoff and is opening ten separate offices throughout the state.

"We are absolutely, unequivocally committed to Iowa and we are adding staff daily," Winterhoff said, estimating the number of people working on the campaign to be "well north of 50."

Clinton has also won the endorsement of former-Gov. Tom Vilsack and his wife Christie, who accompany her on virtually all of her campaign stops. ...
The rest of the story is here.

Stay tuned for further developments


straightarrow said...

Here is a perfect example of why any Clinton presidency would be a tragedy for the country. Look at this statement: ""These are Mike's thoughts, the memo was unsolicited, and it does not reflect in any way Sen. Clinton's thinking," Wolfson said.

The critical indicator of Clinton's unsuitability for any office lies in the words "the memo was unsolicited".

What? Say that again. How can that be? You hire a man as your deputy campaign manager and the first time he tries to tell you something you don't want to hear but is intended for your benefit, your response is "it was unsolicited"?

Why the Hell did you hire him? Or anybody else? Just get a tape recorder and play your verbalized wishes back to yourself.

Does that give anyone an idea just how dictatorial and intolerant she would be if she had real power to wield?

Does anybody really want such a limited intellect and unlimited arrogance embodied in the person of the president. Let's face all politicians are narcissistic, not all of them are also stupid. "it was unsolicited", Mrs. Clinton, you can have it for nothing, because I know you can't do the math.