Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bob Harris has responded

Most people who’ve followed the Duke lacrosse case agree with Duke Law Professor James Coleman: “virtually everything that [Durham DA Mike] Nifong has done has undermined public confidence in the [Duke lacrosse] case.”

So it was no surprise that on Election Day morning, Nifong was still scurrying for votes at a polling station despite being the Democratic Party DA candidate in a county that traditionally votes Democratic by landslide percentages of 70% or more.

When Bob Harris, the popular “voice of the Duke Blue Devils” showed up to vote, Nifong, with TV cameras rolling, saw an opportunity and tried to take it.

But Bob gave Nifong a ‘dust off” and called his “game:”

"This isn't about Duke," Nifong said. "This isn't about Duke at all."

"No," Harris said. "It's about honesty. You're not honest."
Bob always gets the score right, doesn't he?

I posted on Bob’s “broadcast.” So did KC Johnson and Johnsville News.

I also sent Bob an email.

He’s responded with an email that will cheer all of us hoping, praying and working for justice


Thank you for your wonderful email, and especially your blog. I really appreciate your kind comments and the comment posts that followed.

It is really great to know that there are thousands of people just like you who feel exactly the same. I am receiving tons of calls and emails from all over the east coast with 'thank yous' and more.

Keep up the good work. I've book-marked your site and will keep reading it.


In a day or two I’ll send Bob the threads to my first post and this one so he can read your comments if he hasn’t already done so.

Bob's a great “voice of the Duke Blue Devils.

And it’s great that he’s “receiving tons of calls and emails.”

Add your voice if you haven't already done so.


Anonymous said...

Bob Harris - a man who thinks for himself and acts for others. He's loyal and tough as nails. Love him!

TombZ said...

Go Bob, go!

I'm glad you took advantage of the surprise confrontation by The Dufong to put him in his place.

The Dufong may not have been looking for you, but he probably was looking for anybody with a connection to Duke.

Thank you for denying him a chance to score a photo op with a person who would be infamously labeled in the local & lame MSM as a 'Duke supporter of Nifong.'

Your gut reaction and timing was spot on. I've never had the chance to listen to you as I'm out of state (Thank GOD!) but you clearly think well on your feet, as I would expect from a pro announcer like you.

God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Your comments to Nifong summed up the situation perfectly. Thanks for having the courage and integrity to stand up for what's right.

Anonymous said...

To Bob Harris,
Your unvarnished candor in responding to Mr. Nifong thrilled many of us who are intently following his perversion of our justice system. Let's hope public shunning is just a small downpayment on the price Mr. Nifong will pay for his conduct.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Harris...besides the KC posts and other blogs like JIC, your comment to Mr. Liefong has been the BEST news we have read in awhile. This injustice against the Lacrosse team has been very hard on all of us. Cannot thank you enough....Duke LAx Mom

gc said...

A "family" member asked me why are the people down there so different than us? I said them there are good and bad people everywhere. I reminded them of the good people of North Carolina such as Beth Brewer, Professor Coleman and John in Carolina. Now I can add Bob Harris to the list. Bless you Bob.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bob,
I am so concerned for the Duke 3 boys and all of the Duke students. Your standing up to Nifong that day gave us hope!
I think all of the Duke 3 supporters should pull a "Bob Harris" on all the Durham city officials who have enabled Nifong in this hoax.
Duke10 Mom

Anonymous said...

Yea for Bob Harris--an outstanding handling of Nifong. He knew people would recognize you, and was deliberately moving in for some face time and great photo op!! His words to you were rude and pompous, and you had the greatest comeback of all!! Thank You, thank you, thank you. There is no way that Nifong can hide your remarks, and I'm sure it was one of his most stinging episodes of the day. Could you be part of the legal team, too!!??

God Bless you for standing up for what it right!!

straightarrow said...

Mr. Harris, your actions were what is expected of a man, too bad there are so few of us, it is always nice to see another. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Harris,

Thank you so much for standing up to that arrogant bully NIfong. He is really a disgusting, despicable jerk. I'm glad to see that someone had the courage to not be pushed around by him. Mr. Brodhead could learn a lot from a man like you, but I doubt he will.
A Duke parent.

Don said...

Thanks Bob Harris for putting this idiot in his place. But you know what?? If this boob is half as stupid as he appears, this all propably went right over his head. He is probably boasting to all his friends (both of them), "I talked to Bob Harris!"

We love you.