Saturday, October 21, 2006

Duke Hoax dinner specials

If you're looking for a place to “dine” tonight, consider three places that are all part of the fast-growing Duke Hoax blog chain: Liestoppers, Durham-in-Wonderland and Right Angles.

While each of them is independent, they all subscribe to the Duke Hoax blog pledge: “We do our best to keep ‘baloney’ off our 'menus,' no matter how many MSM 'stamps of approval' it carries.”

Tonight Liestoppers offers a dish that’s become a favorite with its regular customers: Roast Bob glazed with truth.

Liestoppers’ chef de cuisine says it’s a very simple dish.

“Really all we do is take fresh, false statements by Durham Herald Sun Editor Bob Ashley and add some truth. We prepare Bob’s statements just the way he makes them. Nothing artificial is ever added. It’s all natural Bob.

Then we pour our truth glaze - we use only facts - all over Bob and put him in a post. We let him simmer there until a customer orders. Then,‘voila!’ Bob’s ready for serving.”

Liestoppers' chef offered me a sample.

I must tell you, folks, I didn’t want to try it. Like so many others in Durham, I’ve been fed a lot of Bob; and whenever I am, I think back to my childhood when I was forced to eat fried liver.

But the addition of Liestoppers’ truth glaze made all the difference.

So try Roast Bob but be sure he's covered with Liestoppers truth glaze.

At KC Johnson’s Durham-in-Wonderland you’re only sure of one thing: everything’s very good.

Lately customers have been flocking there for the Brodhead flambé. But that’s off the menu tonight.

JinC asked KC why. “I try to give diners variety,” KC said. “But I’ll be serving it again very soon.”

So what’s KC serving tonight?

KC made me promise not to give his recipe away but he said it was OK to tell you a little about the "ingredients" he picked from three NY Times columns. Here are samples. In once column, KC found this about Duke's Men's lacrosse team:

“When the children of privilege feel vividly alive only while victimizing, even torturing, we must all ask why.”

and in another Times’ column he found this about Duke's Women's lacrosse team:

“The lacrosse gals, 30 of 31 of whom are white, are apparently free to martyr their male lax mates.”
How do they sound?

Aren't those Times’ column comments just the kind of “ingredients” that leave Duke’s President Richard H. Brodhead and his trustees speechless?

At Right Angles chef Jon Ham is featuring something the Raleigh N&O's many readers and Bob Ashley’s Herald Sun's few readers have been demanding for a long time: straight news reporting. Here’s a sample:
It was inevitable, I guess, that the panel today at Duke Law School about the Duke lacrosse rape allegations would get around to discussing bloggers. Kudos to former Duke basketball star Jay Bilas of ESPN for bringing up the dreaded word about 20 minutes into the festivities.

After several journalists had described their approach to the story in its early days, Bilas said it was bloggers to whom he eventually turned for news on the case. “Some of these blogs have gained their own credibility,” he said.

Raleigh News & Observer managing editor John Drescher allowed as how blogs keep newspapers on their toes. “The bloggers are what’s different about this story,” he said. But he added: “My only real reservation is you really ought to have to identify yourself.” This was, in all likelihood, a reference to John In Carolina, a blogger who has been relentless in his criticism of the way the local papers have handled the story.
What Ham reports about the event looks right to me and I was there.

If you were at the panel session, what do you think?


gc said...

Great article. Long day, late night but I still laughed. Will now go read all the articles you referenced.

Bon appetite!

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to step up, step in and stop this outrage perpetuated by nifong. Perhaps it will be the judge, the governor, the justice department, someone anyone please stop this travesty of justice. Someone show some courage AND STOP THIS HOAX.