Thursday, October 13, 2005

Political diversity and law school faculties

Blogger and UCLA Law Professor Stephen Bainbridge estimates the political party affiliation ratio of UCLA Law School’s faculty is about 11:1 in favor of Democrats.

Bainbridge links to Paul Caron’s post reporting on a study of political party affiliations of professors at 10 top law schools.

Can you guess the overall finding? It’s 8:1 in favor of Democrats. Surprised?

What about here in North Carolina?

No NC law schools were included in the study but UNC – Chapel Hill Law Professor and blogger Eric Muller said this in an Aug. 29, 2003 post, Advise on advising:

I am a big supporter of intellectual and political balance at my law school, UNC. It's no secret, I think, that the faculty as a whole at this law school are, in their own lives, rather to the left of center; I am too, but probably a good bit closer to the center than most of my colleagues.
I don’t have anything concerning faculty political affiliation at NC’s other law schools – Campbell, Central, Duke and Wake Forest. If you have something you can add, please comment.

I’m going to email this post to Professor Muller and invite him to comment on the study and/or the current status of political alignment among faculty at UNC-CH Law.

Meanwhile, you may want to visit Bainbridge and Caron.