Sunday, July 05, 2009

Another Inconvenient Truth

This one’s from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:









The rest of the story’s here.

I bet it makes Al Gore hot and leaves most of you smiling.

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Anonymous said...

Global warming has always been a misnomer. It really should be global climate change. A cool month in New York hardly negates the evidence. Hell-the unusual wet conditions might be linked to global climate changes. Climate studies have predicated increased rainfall in northern US states and Canada.

Beyond that...

Forests in Alaska, British Columbia, Oregon, California, and Rocky Mountain sates are being decimated by bark-beetle outbreaks that are the most severe in recorded history. According to Steven Seybold, who studies insects for the US Forest Service, "We've started to pick up more cases of Mexican insects coming to the U.S. It really does suggest there's a pattern related to climate." ( )

Researchers have found that atmospheric brown clouds formed from Asian pollution are intensifying winter storms over the Pacific Ocean. (NSF Highlight 162323: Intensification of Pacific Storm Track Linked to Asian Pollution.)

Ocean temperatures are rising, including in hurricane breeding grounds. Not good. Not good.

In 2002, a sheet of ice the size of Rhode Island broke off the Antarctic Peninsula and melted into the Weddell Sea. In Greenland, the ice sheet that used to be in equilibrium (neither increasing or decreasing the global sea levels) is now consistently adding .5 mililimeters to sea levels per year. In 2007, the melt area exceeded the previously set record by 10%. In September 2007, the extent of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean was 23% less than the previous record set in 2005.

But yes, unusually cool temperature in New Yrok is clearly a sign that global climate change is hooey and you all should be smiling. Right.

Anonymous said...

Just three years ago, it was all about global WARMING - temperatures going UP. If you did not buy this, you were the moral equivalent of a Holocaust denier.

Surface temperatures (highly suspect anyway) have not increased since 1998. Ocean temps (a better measure of the "earth's temperature") have not increased in six years. Lotsa killer hurricanes? Actually, the planet's aggregate cyclone energy (ACE) has declined in recent years.

Now, we change the story to CLIMATE change. What is climate change? Just about anything can be attributed to climate change.

The cry of WARMING was a stupid strategy for the Left because when the temperatures increases reversed (as they have in the past), they looked liked fools. Climate CHANGE is much better because their is no way to disprove it.

But let's not forget how adamant they were about the warming, only to be proven wrong in a short period of time. In fact, the evidence of warming had evaporated before the Inconvenient Truth Kool-Aid was even mixed.

Locomotive Breath said...

Forests in Alaska, British Columbia, Oregon, California, and Rocky Mountain sates are being decimated by bark-beetle outbreaks that are the most severe in recorded history.

Really? Google "Dutch Elm Disease" and "Chestnut Blight". All over long ago. Where was your "Global Climate Change" then?

Researchers have found that atmospheric brown clouds formed from Asian pollution

Which are not caused by CO2 emissions but by sulphur dioxide and the other actual pollution culprits. LA used to look like that and China should clean up its act too.

But keep on flinging crap against the wall. Maybe something will stick.

Anonymous said...

The question must be: is global climate change anthropogenic? The short answer is a resounding NO.
There has been climate change from time immemorial--well before genus homo sapiens--and there will be climate change until the earth breathes its last gasp. There is no evidence that man causes the phenomenon despite what Al Gore and the rest of the Chicken Little Brigade would have us believe. Sure, we shouldn't pollute the atmosphere and we shouldn't waste natural resources. But Cap & Trade and the Kyoto Treaty are clearly not the answers to pollution; they are the keys to political power and will cause an economic tsunami that will wreak much more havoc than any cyclone, hurricane, or tornado.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

I recall how advertising for the Gorafice's movie included data on record high temperatures in US cities. The implication was that high temps in the summer meant his story was sound.

Of course, cool periods are not evidence that Global Warming is crap. They are evidence of . . . climate change, the son of global warming.

TH is absolutely right. This is simply a power grab. An honest Marxist sociology prof told me over 20 years ago about how the enviro movement was nothing but a back door attack on capitalism. The Left can't win a straight up fight on the merits of capitalism versus statism so they pretend that the capitalist meanies hurt the polar bears.

Elisa said...

These are some really interesting facts. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Gore was adamant about the warming. The "science was settled" and only morons and liars would disagree with him.

Apparently the science is not so settled on the simple matter of warming.

Now, the same crowd is equally adamant about climate change, a far more complex issue than simple temperature.

This is like trusting a fourth grader to correctly solve a complex calculus problem when he has not yet even mastered his multiplication tables.

Anonymous said...

The failure of the American public schools and most of today's colleges and universities to encourage critical thinking is coming home to roost. Gore was and is a windbag who has absolutely no background in climatology or any related science. What he does have in abundance is an ability not unlike P.T. Barnum's to exploit the suckers and rubes.
If that whole issue was settled, the EPA and other taxpayer-funded organizations wouldn't be concealing every statistic that gives the lie to the myth, and silencing those who disagree. A free and open debate has been proposed, but the Chicken Little Brigade knows it would lose, so they won't cooperate.
If the Senate is stupid enough to pass the Cap & Trade bill, as Nifong so famously said: "we're f**ked."
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

Tarheel Hawkeye is correct (as he almost always is). US education has produced a generation of people who are unable to think critically - prefer to have people (like Gore) tell them what to think.
Unfortunately, it is not helped by the fact that most of the people teaching these days are unable to think critically as well - I know only too well as it has been the only downside to my trip that most of the people here believe that the only true sources for information are The New York Times and NPR. Need I say more?

On another note - went to the War Bunker Museum of Churchill the other day. JinC was right - anyone going to London must spend an afternoon there (at a minimum). Also have gone twice to evensong (last night the service honored Abraham Lincoln - the Boys choir sang the service and the service ended with all singing The Battle Hymn of the Republic. It was, to say the least, an extremely moving experience.

Anonymous said...

Average monthly temperatures in New Mexcio in 2009 have been BELOW normal. The same people who cannot tell you if it is going to rain on Friday are telling us that in 10 years, the polar ice caps are going to melt if we don't start driving a hybrid! Pretty Amazing. Steve in New Mexico

Anonymous said...


John, you have been attacked again, this time in the following blogpost:

KC Johnson also referenced this blog in a porst.

Anonymous said...

To cks:
Dear Lady, the reason I am "almost always right" is because I was fortunate in being taught by many people of your calibre during my brief brush with formal education.
I envy you your trip to England and hope one day to see the same sights--especially Sir Winston's War Room.
My sincere thanks for your most generous compliment.
Tarheel Hawkeye

gak said...

John, I'm not a tree hugger, but I have to agree with the very first post in this thread. Global warming should be global climate change. I live in Fl. and the weather patterns in the 26 years I've lived here are absolutely out of wack. in 1983, you could set your clock by the afternoon thunderstorms. For many years we have been in drought conditions and the relief is not in sight. Like the first poster said, "A cool month in New York hardly negates the evidence".


Anonymous said...

As I pointed out above, there is no doubt climate change is occurring as it has occurred since the earth's beginning. If climate change is anthropogenic (caused by man), as posited by Al Gore and his minions, how do they explain similar climate patterns well before the appearance of genus homo sapiens? Maybe it came later. Did the Neanderthals secretly drive SUVs? Were the Cro Magnons burning fossil fuel to generate electricity?
If we aren't the cause what makes anyone think we can stop climate change? Think critically, people!
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

Some trenchant commentary from Mark Steyn from National Review.