Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sceptical Says Nifong Knew Before Mar. 23

On Apr. 11, 2007 NC AG Roy Cooper declared innocent three young man indicted in the Duke lacrosse frame-up attempt led by rogue DA Mike Nifong.

On Apr. 14, 2007 Releigh News & Observer investigative reporter Joseph Neff told readers Nifong first learned of the case on Mar. 23, 2006 when he “discovered” a copy of an NTO sitting on his office copier.

Three months after Neff’s story appeared, Nifong told essentially the same copier “discovery” atory when testifying under oath in June at his State Bar trial which led to his disbarment.

You can read posts explaining why Neff's story and Nifong's testimony are false here, here,
and here.

This post here explains why I’m certain Nifong knew of the Duke lacrosse case on Mar. 14.

Sceptical, who blogs at Liestoppers Meeting, agrees the copier “discovery” story is false but is not convinced Nifong knew on Mar. 14.

But skeptical has put up a very impressive, heavily documented post arguing Nifong knew of the case at least by Mar. 22.

I hope you give sceptical’s post “Witness Tampering, Kim Roberts, and Mike Nifong; The ‘Deal’ With Kim Occurred March 22” a look.


GPrestonian said...

Nifong the Rouge? Like Eric? ;)

Anonymous said...


Do you believe Nifong was set-up
by the courthouse crowd, as Jackie
Brown, Nifong's ex-campaign
manager is now claiming at the Liestoppers?

JWM said...

To GPrestonian,

I appreciate your pointing out my error.

It reads "rogue" now.

I also appreciate the touch of humor you gave your comment.

Did you see the appreciative words I posted a few weeks back about your many comments here.

I hope so.



sceptical said...


You may be exactly right.

The following was posted at Liestoppers by someone very well-connected in Durham:

~J~ is in Wonderland Jun 19 2009, 06:05 PM
One of the lawyers emailed me and said the answer to the question,When Did Nifong Learn About Crystal's Rape Claim?- is the day after the party. Its in the complaint.

I am seeking clarification from J as to what complaint.