Sunday, May 24, 2009

Once More, Thank You Readers & Commenters

I said "thank you" a few days ago as best I could which was not very well.

But with "fail once; then try failing again" as my motto, I say "thank you" again.

Excepting the trolls, you've unfailingly been remarkably civil, quite wonderful, intelligent, very helpful, and often wise.

I wish I could respond to each of your comments these closing days.

Please know that I read and appreciated them all.

They helped sustain me as I worked on the most difficult of the almost 5,000 posts I've published at JinC: "KC Johnson Now."

One of my strongest feeling right now is deep appreciation for what you have given me.

Thank you,



Anonymous said...

And thank you also, for always being on top of the lax frame-up attempt, and those who were its enablers.

Anonymous said...


you have been a waste of time
and electrons since day one.


McClatchy Watch said...

Best wishes in your new venture, John, keep in touch.