Sunday, May 03, 2009

A Brief Look At A Duke Lax Troll

Trolls differ one from another in important respects.

Some use profanity; others don’t.

Some make racist or factually false comments and then, if a blogger posts them, those trolls assume other cyber-names and attack the blogger as being racist or hosting falsehoods.

Other trolls are content to just make racist and/or false statements and don't blame the blogger.

But for all their many differences, trolls have at least one thing in common: they avoid honest discussion.

You’ll find examples of some trolls doing that on the thread of a recent Chronicle story: "BOT Expected To Select Blue As Next Chair"

This exchange between an Anon and a well-known troll, Red Mountain (who uses other cyber-names as well), illustrates what I’m talking about:


posted 5/02/09 @ 3:39 PM EST

The Durham PD has admitted it has a Zero Tolerance Policy that it applies only to Duke students for minor violations, such as noise violations. Thus, Duke students are, in effect, second class citizens in Durham.

Why have Brodhead, Steel, and the Duke faculty not objected to this constitutionally-challenged policy which discriminates against Duke students?

Why did Brodhead wait until December, 2006 to question Nifong's actions? Why has Brodhead never raised questions about the activities of the Durham PD, such as those undertaken by Gottlieb and Himan?

Why has Brodhead never address the actions of a Duke employee, Tara Levicy R.N., in fomenting the crisis?

(Well, I guess the estimated $18 million voluntary settlement by Duke with Evans, Finnerty and Seligmann did address that point, in part).

If a Truth Commission will never be appointed, then at least the civil lawsuits and their depositions will answer some of these issues.

On with the depositions!!

Now Red Mountain's response - - -


posted 5/02/09 @ 4:08 PM EST

I think the Durham Police department is tired of responding to resident's calls about wild parties. They feel (rightly so) that they have better and more important things to do. I also think the residents are tired of having to call the Durham police department, they feel (rightly so) that existing laws regarding this type of thing should be enforced. The policy is designed to limit the calls and man hours involved by discouraging Duke students from having their fun get out of hand. I agree with you that is not a fair solution, but I have not seen a "final solution" to this that will actually work.

Folks, I’m sure you noticed Red Mountain didn’t respond to
even one of the direct, fact-based, and important questions Anon asked.

Instead, the oleaginous RM goes on about DPD and residents “tired” (“and rightly so”) of students’ “wild parties” about which RM says he’s not seen “a ‘final solution’ . . . that will actually work.”

RM’s response is no more than an attempt to make the students appear to be the “bad guys” while avoiding any forthright response to Anon’s questions about the disgraceful actions and inactions of President Brodhead and others at Duke which did so much to support the frame-up attempt.

RM’s response is classic troll.


Anonymous said...

Trolls seem to have many faces/personae.

Trolls seem to have a problem accepting the truth.

Thanks, John.
Please continue to publish TRUTH.