Thursday, January 15, 2009

Iraq Questions for Caroline Kennedy

When asked why she wants to be appointed a U. S. Senator, Ms. Caroline Kennedy says because she wants “to serve the people of New York.”

We read recently the heir to a fictional Camelot had “given permission for friends” to talk to the MSM about her.

MSM reported her friends "disclosed," among other things, that Kennedy has a real “interest in public issues,” sometimes rides the subway, and, given a choice between watching a McCain-Obama debate in a quiet room or a nearby one in which people were mostly chatting, Kennedy chose to watch in the quite room.

Kennedy’s friends didn’t "disclose" whether she really likes kittens, puff pastry and cotton candy. We’re all left to wonder.

We’re also left to wonder about her recent and current stands on some of the most vital public issues of our times. Iraq, for instance.

Back in February 2006 the speaker at a John Locke Foundation dinner warned:

… [S]iren voices [can] be heard on Capitol Hill, raising the cry: “Bring the Boys home.”

I tell you: Nothing could be more disastrous than if, at this juncture, the United States were to cut and run.

It would, at a stroke, undermine those forces of moderation we are seeking to establish in power, betray our troops as they fight a difficult, but necessary, battle, and break faith with those of our soldiers who have sacrificed their lives to establish a free Iraq.

Gravest of all, we should be handing a victory of gigantic proportions to our sworn enemies. …
Did Caroline Kennedy three years ago embrace those words?

Or did she agree with Dem Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who said the Iraq War “is lost?”

Did Kennedy support the surge?

Or, like Harry Reid and most Senate Dems including her Uncle Teddy, did she believe it would fail?

Kennedy and her friends in and out of MSM have given us so much trivia and no substantial discussion of her public policy stands and proposals. Doesn't she have any?

Getting back to the speaker at the John Locke dinner, he was Winston S. Churchill, namesake and grandson of Britain’s greatest Prime Minister.

You can read more about Churchill’s speech at the John Locke Foundation dinner here.

The foundation is based in Raleigh, NC. It’s Web site's here.


Anonymous said...

According to the latest poll of New Yorkers conducted by Marist College (as reported by both CNN and MSNBC), the support for a Kennedy candidacy continues to decline with an every increasing number indicating that her ex-cousin-in-law, Andrew Cuomo, is a better choice. It would seem that slowly New Yorkers are awaking to the fact that her commitment to what is best for the citizens of the state does not jive with what is best for the Kennedys' - to keep a Kennedy presence in the Senate. While it may be true that she may "have Obama's ear" and use that to wangle things for New York, the fact is that he has made it clear that such pork barrel politics will not be the way that he operates. Whether that will be the case remains to be seen, but my hunch is that he is too smart a politician to squander his political capital in that fashion. She would not be able to hold that seat for the Democrats, no matter how much Chuck Schumer and the Kennedy family would blitz New York. She would be hopelesss in any debate - the inability to articulate a position (if she has one) would sink the Democrats so fast it wouldn't even be funny.