Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Can Obama disown the Democratic-controlled Congress?

In 2006 Democratic news organizations and pundits were cluck-clucking over the Dems winning control of Congress and Sen. Harry (“The war is lost”) Reid and Speaker Nancy Pelosi promising they’d give us a Congress we could believe in.

But that didn’t happen as journalist and blogger Don Surber explains:

Remember [last year] when only 14% approved of the job Congress is doing? A year later, only 9% do.

Rasmussen reported that under the leadership of Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, most people hate Congress.

It is not even close.

The congressional job approval is 9%.

Disapproval, 52%.

Among independents, only 3% approve of Congress. That’s within the margin of error, which means there is a chance no independent approves.
The rest of Surber’s post’s here.

In light of the Rasmussen poll findings, will Sen. Barack Obama now say:
“I could no more disown this session of Congress than I can the black community?"
Or will we hear the Senator say something like:
"I'm deeply saddened. That's not the Democratic Congress I knew."
Probably not.

But why isn’t MSM reporting more about the Rasmussen findings?

I’ll bet most of you know why.


Anonymous said...

To be fair, at 9%, I think even Congress itself wants a divorce from, er, itself.


Anonymous said...

A radio host said the Democrats ARE questioning Rasmussen about his numbers and asking what questions he used.

The host also opined that Democrats never questioned how the Presidents’ low poll numbers were calculated. They just relished in repeating them.

But, this poll is questionable, they have questions, and they want answers. Surely something Rasmussen asked is at fault. They also blame P. Bush for dragging them down with all the problems HE alone created!

My group: Just 3% of Independent voters give Congress positive ratings
-AC, Good one!