Sunday, June 08, 2008

It made me smile

This post by Knoxville resident Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit - - -

IT MAY NOT HAVE BEEN ACCURATE, but it was smart!

Allison Glock's New York Times piece on Knoxville contained this introduction: "KNOXVILLE is often called 'the couch' by the people who live there. It’s a place too unassuming to shout about but too comfortable to leave."

That's a nice intro, but nobody in Knoxville can remember ever hearing it called "the couch." But thanks to that bit, Glock's story is the most-blogged item in the Times at the moment.

My advice to travel writers -- always open your point with a minor error that's sure to get under local bloggers' skins, and watch your traffic and rankings soar!


Anonymous said...

Clever Headline:

The Global Warming Movement’s Tactical Mistake Exposes Its True Motive$

Anonymous said...


Since you wrote about Knoxville, I have an experience to share. I was recently there on business. Making a purchase, I realized, I had been charged over $10.00 in tax, which seemed nearly 10% to me.

I asked about the high tax rate, and was told, the city, needing extra income, decided to raise the sales tax instead of property taxes. The reasoning being, “To allow our [guests] to pay their fair share.”

I mentioned that he himself, while not a guest, was paying the high tax rate. He replied, “I don’t buy anything in Knoxville!” From this time forward, “Neither do I, Sir, neither do I.”