Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jon Ham's outstanding blogging

I'll give you two examples of Jon's outstanding blogging.

The first is this post Jon's just published at his Right Angles blog:

This is why people hate the media, especially AP

Check out AP reporter Glen Johnson badgering Mitt Romney in South Carolina. He’s slouching in a chair like Jabba the Hut, pecking at his laptop, and being as obnoxious as he possibly can. Go to the very end where the man tells him to just “be professional,” which he certainly was not.

If you want to read some of Johnson’s “objective” stories on Romney, here’s a good example. Once a reporter uses the verb “rail” when characterizing a politician, you know where he stands.

And here’s an “analysis,” which is newspaper speak for “I get to say any damn thing I want.” Too bad you don’t see this kind of AP coverage of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

And here’s a cute one trying to smear Romney with the polygamy practiced by his great-grandfather. (Sorry, but the link to the original story seems to be bad.)

It must have killed him to have to report Romney’s win in Michigan. Check out his tortured lede (emphasis added):

Mitt Romney scored his first major primary victory Tuesday, a desperately needed win in his native Michigan that gave his weakened presidential candidacy new life. It set the stage for a wide-open Republican showdown in South Carolina in just four days.
The second example is this post: Liberals hate more, survey says.

Give it a look and visit Right Angles often.

And a word to the wise: Even if you're a liberal, if you discuss the "liberals hate more" survey findings with liberals, be careful what you say.