Tuesday, December 11, 2007

UPI’s on Sowell’s Christmas Gift List

At RealClearPolitics.com Thomas Sowell reminds us:

Books are good gifts to receive and even better gifts to give because you can get books without half the hassles involved in buying many other kinds of gifts.

You can easily buy books from the Internet and avoid the mob scenes at the shopping malls.

This has been a good year for books that shoot down false and nonsensical notions on major issues of our time
Sowell offers a list of such books, one of which is:
"Until Proven Innocent" by Stuart Taylor and K.C. Johnson is an account of the Duke University "rape" case that goes far beyond the misdeeds of the disgraced District Attorney Michael Nifong.

"Until Proven Innocent" turns over a lot of rocks and shows what was crawling underneath -- in the media and in academia, as well as in law enforcement, that produced a lynch mob atmosphere in which evidence meant nothing.
UPI is on my Christmas gift-giving list.

But it's still tough to get.

I wanted to order two at Borders in Chapel Hill. Only one was available.

"Why was that?"

"We sold all the others," the clerk replied.

"Are there any copies on order?"

"Let me check. .... No, it doesn't appear we've ordered more."

The sales clerk didn't know why, but promised to pass my suggestion that Borders Chapel Hill order more UPI copies on to the order manager.

Have any of you had any trouble getting the book?