Friday, July 06, 2007

INNOCENT: Prof. Haagen & Seligmann comments

"... these three individuals [David Evans, Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann,] are innocent of these charges."

North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper, Apr. 11, 2007
Readers Note: To understand this post and its purpose, you must be familiar with this post: "INNOCENT: Prof. Haagen Responded."


From Anon @ 3:01,

Thanks for your continued persistence, John.

There seems to be a conspiracy of silence at Duke. I am grieved, as an alumna of the graduate school, that the image of my great university continues to deteriorate because of the inability or unwillingness for those who were complicit in this tragedy to say a simple "We are sorry. We were wrong. Forgive us".

Words accused; Words can heal.

We desperately need the faculty and administration to begin to speak forth words of healing. Not rationalizing, nor condescending, nor blame-shifting words... but words of personal responsibility.

Will anyone break the deafening silence, and begin the healing?

The verdict was justice. But it will take more than justice to heal. It will take words, honest, contrite and gracious words, from the heart. How long must we wait?

From Anon @ 4:34,

Re: 3:01

The answer seems quite clear to me: As soon as the "hate studies" faculty lose control of the university administration. I wouldn't hold my breath, Duke just spent multi-millions to keep them here.

From Anon @ 5:22,

Somewhere I read a Duke Alum state that the future of Duke was up to the Duke family, not to the temporary stewards who have indeed disgraced the university. If you are representative of those who love and value Duke, hopefully Duke can be saved from the radical insanity that seems to be currently in charge. Perhaps even lead the way for some long overdue sanity in higher education.

From Doris in NC @ 7:11,

So how do we family members save the Duke family that we once knew and loved?

Withold donations?

Petition the Board of Trustees?

Pot-bang the President or Academic Council ? ( No, really I'm just kidding... although my baser nature really would love to invoke the "eye for eye" principle for the guilty who risked the lives and future of so many people for their arrogance and greed.)

But REAL Duke people are not that way. And the squatters who have usurped the rightful place of the owners live their lives by a different code. Alas, treating them the same way as they treated others would just cheapen the good guys and the bad guys wouldn't learn anything anyway.

So it isn't about teaching them a lesson.

It's about taking back our heritage.

Do we even have a prayer of hope that any of the conspirators take note of this or any other blog?

Do they KNOW what is being said?

I had two children born in Durham. I have a graduate degree from Duke. I have been proud of my school and my heritage. I want my pride back. I am tired of feeling embarassed of Duke and Durham, and I am tired of the university and the town being held hostage by the conspirators.

From Anon @ 1:33,

It is now past midnight of June 30. Prof. Hagen's tour of duty is over as Chairman of the Academic Counsel. Have you had any reply to your Hagen / MacLendon letter?

Do these folks think that this issue is just going to be ignored into oblivion?

Hopefully, those of you who are holding people accountable, backed by the rest of us, will NOT let them forget, ignore, or wiggled out from personal responsibility for their abhorrent complicity with the Duke Lacross Hoax and the Pressler Persecution.

Please keep the heat on John.

Hopefully, those of us who want to reclaim Duke University and it's ( previous) good reputation will have longer memories than the average American public does when something really really terrible happens. The acquittal was the BEGINNING of a new kind of battle. Not the end.

There was one other comment askin only whether Prof. Haagen had responded. Since that's been answered I didn't include it here.


bill anderson said...


I think it has become painfully obvious that the people in authority at Duke University not only will refuse to apologize for anything, but actually supported the worst elements at Duke and Durham during the lacrosse team crisis. I really doubt that Brodhead and his people cared a whit about Reade Seligmann being given death threats or anything else that happened.

For example, by giving top awards to Nartey and Shadee, the administration made a public statement that Duke was giving the lacrosse players and their families the proverbial middle finger. Furthermore, I have not seen too many Duke alums who want to do anything but ignore this situation in hopes it will "go away."

I really see Duke as the future of American higher education. It is frightening to see what Political Correctness has wrought, but there it is in full flower.

Anonymous said...

John, one can only surmise that Duke doesn't care. The current administrators are oblivious and belive that they are smarter than the alumni body. It is pretty sad. The school that I so loved has lost what many of us Duke Alums so loved about the place. Duke used to be known for its fairness. A place where Terry Sanford worked and Ken Pye and Bill Griffiths and Bill Anlyan and so many teachers with a passion for their students and great protectors of open discourse. That place my friends is long gone. You now have the place of Brodhead, Trask, Moneta, Burness, McClain, Holloway, Farred, Rudy, Neal and Curtis. Pretty awful, I think.

Anonymous said...

What can Duke grads (and others who want to help) do about this sad state of affairs?

AMac said...

It may be that Prof. Haagen (to take him as representative) has not considered the implications of web-pages such as this one being retrievable by search engines, far into the future.

In days gone by, "I can't hear you," "not my responsibility," "the facts keep changing" and so forth would indeed serve to shunt an issue like the response to the Hoax/Frame onto a side track. From there, it would drift into the dusty baseement archives.

Some day, Paul Haagen's child (or grandchild, niece, godchild, or young associate) may hand a printout of this post to him. Accompanied by a quizzical look.

What will he say?

What stand will he wish that the younger Professor Haagen had taken?

Anonymous said...


I believe this is the same Professor Paul Haagen who, in a 3/25/06 Durham N&O article titled- "Dancer Gives Details of Ordeal", gratuitously poured gasoline on the fire with the following quote:

"Haagen, a law professor who specializes in sports law, said studies show that violence against women is more prevalent among male athletes than among male students in general--and higher still among such "helmet sports" as football, hockey and lacrosse." "These are sports of violence," he said. "This clearly is a concern."

The article identified him as the Chairman of the Academic Council.

That doesn't seem to square with his response to you.

G. Holman King
A proud Duke lacrosse grandparent

Anonymous said...

John and Friends,

Money talks. Having it or wanting it. Both are strong motivations. If current Duke administration will not hear evidence, moral persuasion, public opinion, or any other form of reasonable discourse, someone WILL arise who will coalesce the Alumni and we WILL have a voice and they WILL hear.

"There is none so blind as he who WILL NOT see; there is none so deaf as he who WILL not hear." I forgot who said it. But this is a perfect example. Hopefully, we Duke Alums WILL have the sustaining power to recover OUR DUKE from THEIR hands.

Thanks for the persistence John. If I can't trust them with my children, perhaps we can recover the heritage in time for my grandchildren.

Doris in NC