Sunday, July 22, 2007

Al-Qaeda defeats & the Dems: where’s the N&O?

The Times of London is reporting what bloggers in touch with Iraqis and our troops there have been reporting for weeks: al-Qaeda’s been hurt and is losing popular support.

It’s happening despite the efforts of Democrats here and al-Qaeda there to do all they can to bring about the shared al-Qaeda-Democratic Party goal of withdrawal of American troops from Iraq.

Who would've believed six months ago such a thing could be happening?

From the Times of London:

Fed up with being part of a group that cuts off a person’s face with piano wire to teach others a lesson, dozens of low-level members of al-Qaeda in Iraq are daring to become informants for the US military in a hostile Baghdad neighbourhood.

The ground-breaking move in Doura is part of a wider trend that has started in other al-Qaeda hotspots across the country and in which Sunni insurgent groups and tribal sheikhs have stood together with the coalition against the extremist movement.

“They are turning. We are talking to people who we believe have worked for al-Qaeda in Iraq and want to reconcile and have peace,” said Colonel Ricky Gibbs, commander of the 4th Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, which oversees the area.
Reconciliation and peace in Iraq? That wouldn’t be good for the Democrats, would it?

Even some progress in Iraq won't be good for Dems.

We read on:
The sewage-filled streets of Doura, a Sunni Arab enclave in south Baghdad, provide an ugly setting for what US commanders say is al-Qaeda’s last stronghold in the city.

The secretive group, however, appears to be losing its grip as a “surge” of US troops in the neighbourhood – part of the latest effort by President Bush to end the chaos in Iraq – has resulted in scores of fighters being killed, captured or forced to flee.

“Al-Qaeda’s days are numbered and right now he is scrambling,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Stephen Michael, who commands a battalion of 700 troops in Doura.
Why aren’t we reading in liberal/leftist newspapers such as the Raleigh News & Observer more about American and allied successes in Iraq?

Why do we instead read so much from people like Democratic Senator Harry Reid?

I think faithful N&O subscribers who pay good money for “news” will be surprised to learn what the Times says next:
A key factor is that local people and members of al-Qaeda itself have become sickened by the violence and are starting to rebel, Lieutenant-Colonel Michael said. “The people have got to deny them sanctuary and that is exactly what is happening.”

Al-Qaeda informants comprise largely members of the Doura network who found themselves either working with the group after the US-led invasion in March 2003, or signed up to earn extra cash because there were no other jobs going.

Disgusted at the attacks and intimidation techniques used on friends, neighbours and even relatives, they are now increasingly looking for a way out, US officers say.

“It is only after al-Qaeda has become truly barbaric and done things like, to teach lessons to people, cut their face off with piano wire in front of their family and then murdered everybody except one child who told the tale afterwards . . . that people realize how much of a mess they are in,” Lieutenant James Danly, 31, who works on military intelligence in Doura, said.
I don’t see much of what we’ve just read in the N&O or other liberal/leftist newspapers.

Why not?

I think it’s because nothing we’ve just read is part of the Democratic National Committee’s talking points.

What do you think?

BTW – What happened to Senator Joe Lieberman?

It was just a few years ago that the N&O and the rest of the Democratic Party MSM told us he should be America’s next Vice President.

Now we hear almost nothing about him.

It's because he doesn't shill the DNC's Iraq talking points, isn't it?

The entire Times article is here.


Anonymous said...

Excellent points, John. Will the N&O editors explain why the McClatchy news service is giving just one side of the story? Has Sill ever apologized for the infamous late March 2006 story that helped to ignite the framing of the lacrosse players?