Saturday, June 23, 2007

To Wayne Fontes and Liestoppers forum humorists

Thanks for the heads up.

I love the parody which JinC folks can view here.

And BTW - in that article your "working on" - doesn’t Jason Bissey say something about how if he had called Sgt. Gottlieb and Inv. Himan sooner, Nifong's Bar trial "might never have happened?"

I'm rushing now, but will say more later.

Any plans for another "article" tomorrow reporting on the potbangers' "CASTRATE" rally?

Keep up the great work.

John in Carolina.


wayne fontes said...

Who would I parody if I was inclined to take the time? So many candidates, so little time. I could take on Karla Holloway's "Bodies of Evidence" but that would require me to reread it and I'm out of percodan. I think it was Gary Packwood who directed us to the Post Modernist Essay Generator which does a great job on it's own. Maybe Krystal Brent Zook's feathery light puff piece about CGM in which we learned that the accuser could drive a forklift and presumably tie her own shoes among other inane facts.

But I think the best parody to arise out of the lacrosse scandal has already been written. The Pandagon Papers told the story of Amanda Marcotte's brief tenure as John Edwards blog mistress. I defy anyone with even a passing familiarity with Marcotte to read it without laughing out loud. As with all thing Marcotte language warnings apply.

humboldtblue said...

Man, I do sure cuss and awful lot, but I believe I just a year's worth of *&#@. Too funny.

Anonymous said...

When my little kids came home from school using "Marcotte" words and looked to see if I were shocked at them, I just laughed. Told them that there were worse words than that and that anybody can talk gutter talk. But people who want to have a serious discussion try to use words that have some meaning, as well as some feeling. I don't know this Marcotte woman. But she fits in well with the Dems. Lotta heat; little light. Thomas Paine would make this woman look like a feather weight. Too sad. Is she not helping Edwards anymore? She could be a great asset to us!