Sunday, May 13, 2007

This made me smile

A little while ago a commenter reminding us that people commenting on the web aren't necessarily who they claim to be, used the name of the My Fair Lady character Professor Henry Higgins.

The commenter signed:

Henry Higgins
22 Baker Street
London, England
A few minutes later citizen journalist AMac, in true Sherlock Holmes fashion, carefully noted "Higgins'" address.

That led AMac to a deduction:
Baker Street... hmmm, how irregular.
Thank you, AMac. And my best regards to Dr. Watson.


Gus said...

I hear Chief Chalmers' code name around City Hall these days is "Paddy Cake." Thoughts?

(I feel like I should get bonus points given what 'Paddy' converts from in Gaelic)

straightarrow said...

Elementary, my dear John.

Anonymous said...

Thats 22-b baker street.