Monday, May 28, 2007

“Human-rights” orgs: The Bad And The Best

Ralph Peters asks:

How many "human-rights activists" does it take to betray civilization?

After the Fatah al-Islam terrorists holed up in a Palestinian camp carried out a wave of bombings, bank robberies and assassinations, Lebanon's struggling democratic government ordered its army to stop them.

The Palestinian refugees themselves applauded the army's efforts, stating that few of the terrorists were local and most were fanatics from other Muslim states. The terrorists ruled with the gun and sought to enforce Sharia law. Their victims want them gone.

The response from Human Rights Watch?

Ignore the crimes of the terrorists and criticize the Lebanese army for attacking them "indiscriminately."

That would be travesty enough for one week, but it was only a sideshow. Each year, Amnesty International releases what purports to be an objective global survey of the state of human rights.

Sounds like a great idea, but the report has long since degenerated into an effort to protect terrorists and mass murderers from justice - and bash America.

In its latest report, Amnesty International denounces the United States again. This time, it seems we're the foremost global abuser of human rights.

Oh, if you keep reading, rogue states such as Zimbabwe, China, Sudan, Russia and Iran get tut-tut mentions, although North Korea just sounds like a weight-loss spa. Except for our democratic ally, Colombia, only the United Kingdom appears remotely as savage as the United States. …

The sad truth is that the misnamed "human-rights community" just may be the worst enemy of human rights without a country of its own. There are real human-rights tragedies unfolding every day, from Harare to Havana, but activists don't give a damn about the average Joe or Miguel or Ali.

It's all about saving celebrity mass-murderers. And their advocates' Freudian issues with Uncle Sam. Guantanamo is one of the world's best-run prisons, where terrorists are treated all too indulgently. But to hear the human-rights charlatans, you'd think we were the SS at Babi Yar.

And don't forget that wicked-beyond-all-wickedness criminal state, Israel. Thank God we have men and women of conscience to defend the freedom fighters who launch rockets blindly into Israeli cities or massacre children as a legitimate form of protest.

We, the human race, can't afford this nonsense. Human rights matter.

But conservatives abandoned the issue to leftist ideologues - and those of us caught in the middle have no public voice to speak for us.

Meanwhile, the world is screaming in agony, while the high priests of human-rights just want to spit in Washington's face (knowing we won't spit back).

How can anyone who pretends to have a conscience attack the United States for violating human rights and engaging in "fear-mongering," while looking away as millions of Zimbabweans live on the brink of starvation in a police-state, hundreds of thousands lie dead in Darfur, all of North Korea makes Guantanamo look like Martha's Vineyard - and Islamist fanatics kill tens of thousands of Muslims?
Peters continues here.

Peters is right in his descriptions of Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other such “human-rights” organization.

He’s also right about conservatives abandoning what is really the defense of our country and civilization in the face of attacks from the Left “activists.” If America falls, so will almost all of what we know as civilized life and individual freedoms.

Billions of people in this world enjoy some measure of freedom, safety and comfort because of something very important they’ve done nothing to create or maintain. It’s a shield that protects what’s good in their lives. It’s called the U. S. military.

AI and HRW enable thug-dictators and terrorists. They spew anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism. They spend money on staff and PR. That’s about it

The U. S. Military is really the world’s best human rights organization.

If you don’t believe that, arrange to visit South Korea for a few months. Live like most people there. Then visit North Korea for a few months. Live like most people there.

You’ll notice big differences. The principal reason for them is the U. S. Military.
Take it away and in a very brief time you’ll have war between North and South, and in time, a Korean peninsula more like the North now than the South.

More than forty thousand American military personnel died during the Korean War. In the more then fifty years since the fighting ceased, hundreds of thousands of American military personnel have served in Korea to assure the truce is observed.

All that sacrifice and service have been necessary to secure the freedoms and standard of living South Koreans enjoy today.

That’s just one example of what the American military means to the world.

Any day is a good day to remember that. Today, Memorial Day, is an especially appropriate one.


Anonymous said...

It is, of course, ironic as all heck, that these so-called HR folks sit in Western Europe and criticize the US.

Back when the USSR was still realistically threatening the west I got in an argument, with an Austrian, about the "occupation" of US forces in Germany.

I came within an inch of asking him how many of his female relatives had been violated by Russian soldiers in 1945 and if he'd like to experience that all over again.

Luckily I kept my mough wide shut. Now I just ignore such fools.

Happy Memorial Day.