Thursday, April 26, 2007

INNOCENT: Seligmann Honored

At we read:

The Delbarton School has awarded a special honor to Reade Seligmann, an alumnus who was one of three Duke University lacrosse team members cleared of rape charges after a year-long legal ordeal.

Seligmann, who graduated from the school in 2004, was presented with the Delbarton Medal during a visit to his alma mater on Tuesday, school officials said Wednesday. …

Before presenting him with the medal, the Rev. Luke Travers, Delbarton's headmaster, said that the school had supported Seligmann during his year-long legal battle, and lauded his "courage, nobility, integrity and charity."

Travers told Seligmann: "You gave us a model of how to handle the pressures that we all experience," according to the school Web site….
I hope you read the rest of the article.

If you ever doubted there was a school where people knew what an outstanding person Reade Seligman is, The Delbarton School website is here.

This post is simply about Seligmann’s award which he earned under the toughest of circumstances.

I’ll post again on Seligmann and related issues in a day or so.

Tonight, all I want to say is the school did a fine thing for a fine young man.

The award is a credit to Delbarton, Seligmann, his family, his teachers, and those who supported him.

God bless them all.


Anonymous said...

Very impressive young man. All the best to all three of them and the team.