Monday, November 27, 2006


It wasn't so long ago that Professor Stuart Rojstaczer occupied one of those tenured faculty “roosts” at Duke University.

And it was only a day or two ago that Rojstaczer was strutting through the blogoshere gobbling about:

“Duke lacrosse [blogs] with a severe right-wing slant [that] state outright that the charges against the lacrosse players are bogus.”
Sure, Liestoppers, Johnsville and KC Johnson all took shots at him. So did I.

But we must’ve all missed because at 4 pm today Rojstaczer could still be "heard" on this Liestoppers’ thread gobbling:
“The role of the [‘Group of 88’s] ad in this tragedy is so minor that at best, those that dwell on it and its signatories are simply making a mountain out of a molehill."
I don’t know what happened after that but by 7 tonight Momtothree had him trussed and was plucking her first "Rojstaczer feather:"
"Well, Mr. R., I’m a Duke mom and the ad certainly had an impact on me.”
You can “digest” the rest of her post here.

And please leave something for me. I may do "leftovers" tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Not only Duke but I think alot of people will think twice about sending their child to any southern school. It seems like the south still is harboring hate towards the whites and the good ole boy system is as prevelant as ever. The farthest south I would send my 4 children is Washington D.C. I wonder if a study will be done in a year or two to see how this hoax and how Duke handled itself has effected the southern colleges and university enrollments and donations.

Anonymous said...

In response to the first comment, I am a 10th generation Southerner and recently moved from the Deep South because I see no future that doesn't include the type of crap that is going on in Durham. It is happening on a smaller scale all over the South.

The key is not whether the school is in the North or South, but whether it is located in an area with lots of poor minorities. If so, stay away -- your life may depend on it!

Anonymous said...

I just read the 10:29 PM post/ You are so right in your assessment of the situation,