Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Duke lacrosse: When Nifong's campaign head revealed her core

Yesterday I posted “Duke lacrosse: A Nifong Campaign Disaster.” It’s drawn very informative comments. I hope you read the thread.

I’m republishing one comment on the main page. I’ll explain why after you read the comment which follows in full.



Any “Best of Victoria Petersen” has to include her verbal jousts with Nifong at the Apr 11 NCCU Forum. During the forum Q&A, Ms. Peterson asked Nifong why he had not brought the FBI and the Department of Justice to Durham to investigate the “hate crimes.”

Ms. Peterson also said the complainant in the Duke Lax Hoax should never have been taken to Duke University Hospital because of the conflict of interest (this, of course, nearly one month after the fact).

Ms. Peterson then went on to proclaim that the medical exam results (including the DNA test results) had been “tampered with.”

This “Best of Petersen” entry available at: http://www.wral.com/news/8617662/detail.html

At the left of the page click on: “Video: NC Central Forum” and advance the counter to 7:45.



The first thing I want you to know is ME is not me.

I’m me.

ME is he or him, depending on where he happens to be in a sentence at any given time.

Now that we’ve got that straight ----

Bless you ME for finding and sharing that link.

When I started work on the “Nifong disaster” post, I recalled the NCCU forum episode and wanted to include it in the post.

But I couldn’t find a link; I was under work and family deadlines; and I didn’t want to just rely on memory and give someone an opening to say I’d got part of that episode wrong or exaggerated it.

The episode is very important because it so perfectly reveals what Peterson is at her core.

When President Reagan said, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The Party left me” and when President Clinton said “I never had sex with that woman.” they were revealing their cores.

Nifong campaign leader Peterson reveals her core often, and never more perfectly than on Apr. 11 at the NCCU forum.

Thanks ME from me and, I’m sure, most other readers including he, she and they.



Anonymous said...

John, here's a story you'll be interested in.
Ethics Corner: Did N.C. Daily bend rules for scoop?
I don't have a subscription, but perhaps you do.

Walter Abbott

Anonymous said...

Peterson is a sideshow to the Nifong re-election effort. There are a lot of delusional folks supporting ole Mike's campaign, principally Mike himself. If he was simply held accountable by the voters for the standards he set for himself he would be summarily dismissed from office. Let's look at one example from his campaign website:

"On Winning Trials: The shortsighted prosecutor concerns himself only with victory in the courtroom and is willing to take whatever advantage he can, no matter the consequence. The wise prosecutor understands that victory at trial is merely the first step in a journey that ends only with the completion of the appellate process. Along that journey, it is the prosecutor who actually bears the ultimate responsibility for seeing that the defendant has a fair trial, and any prosecutor who leaves that burden for the judge and the defense attorney will likely find himself having to repeat the trip at some point in the future."

Even if the Durham Three weren't represented by first-class counsel and if the bloggers and other concerned citizens weren't reminding us of the injustices of this case, Mike wants us to believe he would have been more concerned about dispensing fairness than gaining a conviction....delusion, pure and unadulturated.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that Sean McManus is president of CBS News. He needs to be informed by bloggers and readers of the facts of the rape hoax case. Please don't assume that McManus keeps up with the case in the close manner many of us are accustomed to. Please send timelines, the Slate piece by the legal scholar and other intelligent commentary from various bloggers. Avoid speculation and stick to the facts. The facts are on the side of the Duke players; when you have the facts, argue the facts.