Sunday, August 23, 2009

Why Are Obama's and Dems' Numbers Dropping

President Obama's MSM flacks include ABC's Charlie Gibson and NBC's Brian Williams who pump hard for him in what their producers call "our networks' news reports."

But Gibsons's and Williams' producers and Obama's other flacks such as Maureen Dowd and Paul Krugman must be worried.

As hard as they pump, spin and outright distort for Obama and his Dem congressional allies, both the President's and his congressional Dem allies' approval numbers continue to drop.


At least part of the answer is that tens of millions of Americans no longer count on MSM to tell us "that's the way it is today."

Instead, more and more Americans are paying attention to citizen journalists like Mike Williams whose news letter report today, Sunday, Aug. 23, follows:

Obama continues to slip in the polls. Rasmussen reports that 27% of voters now strongly approve of his performance as president, while 41% strongly disapprove. This gives him an index rating of -14.

Obama’s ten-year budget deficit projection is staggering. On Friday he raised it by a mind-boggling two trillion dollars. Then he walked out the door for a summer vacation at Martha’s Vineyard.

Is it constitutional for Obama to require every American to have health insurance?

Is Sarah Palin right that Obamacare envisions “death panels” for end-of-life medical treatment? Obama says he’s offended, but others think Palin has a point. For sure America’s vets do.

Does Obamacare include taxpayer-funded abortions?

Did the White House illegally use taxpayer dollars to push Obamacare? More here.

Didn’t Bush try to tell us that Social Security is in trouble, and didn’t the Dems blow him off? Guess what?

Watch a Marine take Rep. Brian “Brown Shirts” Baird (D-WA) to the woodshed at a town hall.

Is Iraq in trouble? Maybe, maybe not.

Would you be surprised to learn that Greenpeace has been lying about global warming?

Did the UK release Lockerbie mass murder Abdelbaset Ali Mohmet al-Megrahi as part of a commercial deal?

Is Obama trying to recreate America in his own image?

Is Obama in over his head?



Ex-prosecutor said...

My view of President Obama always has been that he is physically attractive, fairly intelligent and a good talker, who has advanced mostly because of this last skill. Because of his race, criticism of him, as he, those who use him, and his sycophants, is racist.

Unfortunately for us, he now has his first job with real responsibilities, with his courage and leadership being questioned. He's finding that not everyone adores him and showing that he's thin-skinned and buckles under pressure.

While he may make many American starry-eyed and thrilled with his soaring rhetoric, foreign leaders have him pegged for what he is - weak and vacillating.

I think we're in for a long four years.

Anonymous said...


It is not often that you see a pompous, arrogant politician implode in public. I suspect there will soon be a mad rush by many Democrats to head for the exits.