Saturday, August 13, 2005

Air America: Raleigh's N&O sort of reports

Yesterday, two weeks after newspapers and bloggers began reporting on the loan scandal engulfing liberal talk-radio network Air America, Raleigh's News & Observer got around to reporting it, sort of. (Loans to Air America under scrutiny, Aug. 13. Pg. 6A). The report began:

The state attorney general's office and the city's Department of Investigation are looking into whether a boys and girls club serving poor children and ailing elderly people in the Bronx had improper financial dealings, including loans to the Air America radio network, state and city officials said yesterday. (The loans tolal almost $900,000.00. - JinC)

The N&O's sort of report is based on a The New York Times report which ran the previous day.

Why is the N&O's report a sort of?

For one thing, readers aren't told why The Times and the N&O delayed for almost 2 weeks reporting a scandal every other New York City daily, and newspapers and columnists across the country were reporting. Neither paper even bothered to inform readers of their delays.

This N&O paragraph in more sort of reporting:

Jim Grossman, a spokesman for Gloria Wise, said the club had given Air America about $875,000. He said the money had been placed in an escrow account and would eventually be repaid to the club.

What escrow account? Where? Who controls it? Is anything signed? If yes, by whom? Did New York City's Department of Investigation (DOI) and the Attorney General's office approve the account?

The last I read about any escrow account, NYC's DOI was complaining that all Air America had done was place $50.000.00 in an escrow account controlled by Air America's lawyer.

Updates, NYT and N&O? Investigative journalism, anyone?

Don't N&O readers deserve more than a delayed sort of report, Editor Sill?

Former NY Times public editor David Okrent has said, "If you think The Times plays it down the middle on (issues), you've been reading the paper with your eyes closed."

I won't dispute that. And to me that explains The Times delay and sort of reporting on Air America's troubles.

But Editor Sill says there's no liberal news bias in the N&O.

Well then, what explains the N&O's delay and sort of reporting?

(Readers of this post may be interested in the next post, "When you care enough to fawn and gush." It reminds us of the kind of coverage liberal news organizations like to give Air America.)

Now will the NY Times hire Michelle Malkin?

Michelle Malkin continues to provide detailed, fact-based coverage of the Air America loan scandal.

This morning she has two posts up here and here. Don't miss either of them.

Yesterday, Michelle reported the NY Times had botched a quote of Al Franken discussing the scandal on his show.

Here's how The Times reported the quote:

"I don't know why he did it," Mr. Franken said, according to a transcript of the broadcast made by the Department of Investigation. "I don't know where the money went. I don't know if it was used for operations. I think he was borrowing from Peter to pay Paul."

Michelle responded:

Here's what Franken actually said (via audio at Brainster's Blog and transcript at Brian Maloney, who busted this story wide open in the blogosphere the Times sneers at):

"I don't know why they did it, and I don't know where the money went, I don't know if it was used for operations [softer, especially fast], which I imagine it was. I think he was robbing Peter to pay Paul." (Bold added by Michelle)

Look at the difference those bold words make!

Yesterday, how many MSM "real journalists" would have believed Michelle had the quote right and the "journal of record" had it wrong?

Well, today Michelle reports:

As I reported here on Thursday night, New York Times reporter Alan Feuer botched the Al Franken quote in his article about the Air America loan. To its credit, the New York Times has run a correction acknowledging the error:

An article yesterday about state and city investigations of a loan made by a Bronx social service agency to the liberal radio network Air America quoted incorrectly from comments made on the air by Al Franken, the host of an Air America program. Referring to Evan M. Cohen, a former official of the network whom Mr. Franken accused of having engineered the loan, from the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club, Mr. Franken said: "I don't know why they did it, and I don't know where the money went. I don't know if it was used for operations, which I imagine it was. I think he was robbing Peter to pay Paul." (He did not say: "I don't know why he did it. I don't know where the money went. I don't know if it was used for operations. I think he was borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.")

The Times still has not corrected its false assertion that the Franken quote came from a transcript of the broadcast provided by the NYC Department of Investigation. Anyone who still cares can write a letter of complaint to reporter Alan Feuer (, spokeswoman Catherine Mathis (, spokesman Toby Usnik (, and ombudsman Byron Calame (

Nice work, Michelle. You make every blogger who believes in fair, full and accurate reporting proud.

Friday, August 12, 2005

An editor's "One standard for thee; another for me."

Remember Raleigh News & Observer exec. news editor and blogger Melanie Sill who famously told readers the N&O hadn't reported on the Air America loan scandal but “if a story is reported and distributed we will look at publishing it." Liberal bias, she said, had nothing to do with the N&O's silence.

Sill recently posted on another matter that has her very upset. She says many public officials and others are giving N&O reporters the brush-off. She's even experienced it herself.

According to Sill, the N&O only wants to ask people:

the kinds of questions readers often ask in online forums, letters to the editor and notes or calls to The N&O.

But Sill says a growing list of public officials:

are comfortable adopting no comment as standard practice.

An example?

The latest example is Gov. Mike Easley’s (denial of a request by an N&O reporter) for an interview.

And there's more:

Public information officers who don't return phone calls. Police chiefs and sheriffs who won't answer questions.

Brush-offs by police chiefs, sheriffs and governors understandably upset journalists.

But it's even worse than that for Sill and her team. All North Carolinians know there are a handful of people here who are far more important than even the governor. And Sill says they too are now brushing-off the N&O:

UNC basketball coach Roy Williams … wouldn't talk to N&O reporters.


N.C. State football Coach Chuck Amato wouldn't grant us an interview — on the phone or in person.

Sill ends with this:

While working on this column, I sought to hear (Governor) Easley’s side of things. I put in a request to interview the governor or his representative on Monday afternoon, noting I was on deadline. The response? No interview with the governor or anyone else. Instead, I received a lengthy email statement from Cari Boyce in the governor's press office saying that our reporters are free to chase down the governor at public events (as they do as often as they can) and ask him questions.

Thanks, Ms. Boyce, but that's not what I asked.

Well, we don’t know what the folks Sill’s talking about would say to us; but we sure know Sill is in foot-stamping mode.

That said, I find myself asking a question: Why is Sill so upset with people she feels don't respond to her and her staff's questions when she hasn't responded to important questions and comments readers posted days ago at her blog?


Many readers saw Sill’s “if a story is reported and distributed we will look at publishing it” remark as an excuse or worse for not reporting on Air America.

One of them noted:

On March 31, 2004 (you published) an A1 front page piece entitled "New liberal network takes on conservative kings of radio" on Air America by James Rosen of your Washington Bureau.

So, apparently you have no problem with reporting on Air America on your front page AND doing your own independent reporting on it when it is a good, positive happy piece. However, when it is not so happy, it doesn't even make it into the paper, much less A1.

Many readers made observations such as this:

In her first Air America post, Melanie said:

"We've checked our news services in recent days and do not find this story"

but in her second post (after many commentators told her where to find "this story"), Melanie said:

"I found the same stories on Air America that you all mention a couple days ago in Internet searches and by using Factiva, a paid service we use for research"

Sill tells readers, “ public officials who won't discuss issues central to their public responsibilities are dissing you, the public.”

But she says nothing about news editors who make glaringly self-contradictory statements and don't bother to explain them.

Tell us what they're doing to the public, Melanie?

NY Times report: Fact and spoof

Some of the following is true; some is spoof. I bet you can guess which is which. If you're not sure, here's a big hint: The NYT is finally reporting about the Air America loan scandal.

Blogger Michelle Malkin is reporting that The New York Times, America's highest circulation liberal daily, will announce in Friday's paper that a sister liberal media organization, talk-radio network Air America, is the subject of investigations by both New York City's Department of Investigation and New York State's Attorney General.

The investigations deal with bizarre loan(s) totaling $875,000.00 made by a community service organization to one of its board members, who at the time was also an executive with Air America. Some money paid for the executive's personal expenses, but investigators believe most want to Air America.

Air America talk-show host Al Franken, self-identified as a scandal victim, seems to have suffered no loss in public approval because of the scandal.

According to a poll completed just this evening by The Pew Center for Liberal Humbuggery, Franken's approval rating is statistically the same as those of America's two most popular liberal icons, Sen. Ted Kennedy and the Rev. Al Sharpton.

The Times' announcement follows by almost two weeks reports on the scandal by every other New York City daily.

Asked to comment on The Times' delay, Malkin said only, "Well, that's The Times for you, isn't it?"

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Thank you & a bit about the N&O editor

I wanted to post an update on what's happened since Aug. 9 when Raleigh News & Observer news editor and blogger Melanie Sill claimed the liberal N&O couldn't report on the loan scandal engulfing liberal talk-radio network Air America because: "We've checked our news services in recent days and do not find this story."

A lot has happened these past 2 days.

But I need more time to pull it all together. So please check back tomorrow after 5 PM Eastern.

Now, please read on. Thanks; and other important items follow.

Heartfelt thanks go to all of you who've pitched in and helped put Sill's "do not find" claim out in the blogosphere. You've given clear context to what Sill is saying. It will be hard for anyone to misunderstand her position.

There are the bloggers who linked: Michelle Malkin, Confederate Yankee, Captainsquartersblog, Palmetto Pundit, and others I'm sure I missed.

There are also the more than 140 of you who have either posted informative and/or appropriately critical messages at Sill's blog, commented at JinC or e-mailed me.

Be sure to go to Sill's blog here (her first post) and here (her second post). Read those messages. They'll tell you an awful lot about the Raleigh N&O and what's acceptable in MSM news organizations.

After reading them, I doubt anyone but folks like Sen. Kennedy and Al Franken will say there isn't liberal bias in at least one MSM newspaper.

Yes, there have been a handful of "messages" to Sill and me that we'd all be better off without. They don't belong in civil discourse.

But with more than 140 valuable messages --- and that kind still coming in -- well, readers, what can I say but thank you.

Now, I'll leave you with just one example of what I mean by a valuable message. It was left at Sill's blog. She's yet to respond to it, but she sure needs to. Here's part of it:


In her first Air America post, Melanie said:

"We've checked our news services in recent days and do not find this story"

but in her second post (after many commentators told her where to find "this story"), Melanie said:

"I found the same stories on Air America that you all mention a couple days ago in Internet searches and by using Factiva, a paid service we use for research"

The commentator added:

I am so confused...

Let's hope Sill gets around to clearing up her self-contradiction and the ensuing confusion.

Contact info for McClatchy papers

For those of you who want MSM to report on the Air America scandal here's a list of the McClatchy news organization dailies with contact information.

While some papers have reported on the story, most of MSM is ignoring it.

My hope is that if we can convince the McClatchy papers to publish, their publishing will encourage other MSM papers to do the same.

If enough readers make short, civil, fact-based calls to McClatchy news execs, we may convince them to give the story the attention it deserves. Thanks in advance.


The Fresno Bee
Publisher: Ray Steele 559-441-6060
Editor: Charlie Waters 559-441-6410

The Modesto Bee
Publisher: Lynn Dickerson 209-578-2090
Editor: Mark Vasche 209-578-2356

The Sacramento Bee
Publisher: Janis Besler Heaphy 916-321-1885
Editor: Rick Rodriguez 916-321-1002

Merced Sun-Star
Publisher: Hank Vander Veen 209-385-2400
Editor: Joseph W. Kieta 209-385-2456


Star Tribune
Publisher: Keith Moyer 612-673-7902
Editor: Anders Gyllenhaal 612-673-1734

North Carolina

The News & Observer
Publisher: Orage Quarles III 919-829-4659
Editor: Melanie Sill 919-829-8986

South Carolina

The Beaufort Gazette
Publisher: Sara Johnson Borton 843-706-8105
Executive Editor: Steve Blust 843-986-5530

The Herald
Rock Hill
Publisher: Valerie D. Canepa 803-329-4042
Editor: Terry Plumb 803-329-4060

The Island Packet
Bluffton and Hilton Head Island
Publisher: Sara Johnson Borton 843-706-8105
Editor: Fitz McAden 843-706-8110


The News Tribune
Publisher: Cheryl Dell 253-597-8554
Editor: David Zeeck 253-597-8434

Tri-City Herald
Publisher: Rufus Friday 509-582-1443
Editor: Ken Robertson 509-582-1520


Anchorage Daily News
Publisher: Mike Sexton 907/257-4210
Editor: Patrick Dougherty 907-257-4303

Hat Tip: Contact information comes from McClatchy's site:

Also,a blog visitor linked me to McClatchy's site.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Air America and N&O editor: There's more to do.

With very few exceptions, the messages responding to Raleigh News & Obswever exec. news editor and blogger Melanie Sill have been civil, informed, and literate. The best of the blogosphere!

The e-mails I've received have been the same.

Very many of the messages have focused on a self-contradiction Melanie put before us. Here, in part, is what one commentator said:

In her first Air America post, Melanie said:

"We've checked our news services in recent days and do not find this story"

but in her second post Melanie said:

"I found the same stories on Air America that you all mention a couple days ago in Internet searches and by using Factiva, a paid service we use for research"

The commentator added:

I am so confused...

Melanie needs to clear up her self-contradiction and the ensuing confusion so people can move on.

Meanwhile, the N&O should report on the Air America scandal.

I think N&O readers would be proud if the N&O led its sister McClatchy papers in reporting on the scandal.

And wouldn't it be great if then the McClatchy papers broke through the current MSM blackout and brought the story to the American public’s attention?

Here’s a chance for MSM news organizations and bloggers to team.

I’ll post tomorrow by 11 AM Eastern a list of McClatchy papers with e-mail and phone contacts.

Check back then. If we all do our bit, something good might happen. Don’t give up on MSM.

BTW – If anyone does the McClatchy contact work first, please send the link.

And now, good night.


Help an editor find the Air America story

(Welcome visitors from Michelle Malkin, Mudville Gazette, and other blogs I may have missed. After you read this post, you can go here for more about the N&O's liberal bias. If you'd like something lighter, you might try: Sen. Kerry sure makes a lot of demands.)

Raleigh News & Observer news editor and blogger Melanie Sill and I have had a few back-and-forths regarding whether readers' complaints of liberal bias in the N&O’s news columns are valid. You can guess what each of us believes. But right now that’s not important.

What’s important is that Sill says she can’t find the Air America scandal story, so the N&O can’t even consider reporting on it. That was after other readers had alerted her to the story, and I had e-mailed her regarding a post which included the following paragraph:

The scandal has been widely reported in all New York City newspapers except the liberal Times. For instance, here and here. National newspaper columnists have reported on it. Here’s Mark Steyn’s column. Bloggers have reported, with Michelle Malkin and Ed Morrissey on top of the story every day. I just Googled “Air America loan scandal” and got more than 330,000 hits.

Sill responded at her blog and by e-mail.

Here's Sill’s blog post in full:

Re Air America complaints

Here's a brief response I've sent a couple of email correspondents who accuse The N&O of liberal bias for not publishing a story on financial questions they have heard about involving Air America, the national radio network heard in the Triangle on WCHL-AM in Chapel Hill, and a charity in the Bronx. Here's what I said: "We've checked our news services in recent days and do not find this story... if a story is reported and distributed we will look at publishing it."

Blogs can draw attention to overlooked stories, and perhaps that's the case here. We'll keep looking.

Here's Sill's e-mail response in full:


I'll repeat this brief response on the blog... we've checked our news
services repeatedly and do not find this story. In searching blogs I
find repeated references but no original reporting. Thus I'm not
certain at this point what "story" exists on Air America, but if a
story is reported and distributed we will look at publishing it. I'd
point out that this is an example of conspiracy theories without basis.
You accuse me and The N&O of bias -- where is any evidence of this?

Best regards,
Melanie Sill

Well, obviously I failed to get my message across. But let’s move on.

Can any of you help Editor Sill who will "keep looking" but is "not certain at this point what 'story' exists on Air America?"

Raleigh's News & Observer is one of the two largest daily circulation newspapers in North Carolina (The Charlotte Observer is the other). The N&O is part of the McClathey news chain. So any help given Sill could have a big impact.

Readers - bloggers - journalists - please help.

I'm glad Sill is blogging and dialogues with readers. Many MSM execs won't.

Here’s the link to her blog. Her e-mail is:



Tuesday, August 09, 2005

An MSM pundit wants to fire someone

We hear day-by-day about all sorts of questionable practices by MSM news organizations and it seems nothing happens. But now there's a MSM pundit ready to fire someone?

If you're saying to yourself, "Sure. Is it Carl Rove or the President the pundit wants fired," then you understand just how most of MSM works.

This time it's the President who should be fired/impeached; and it's Beth Quinn of Middletown, New York's Times Record-Herald who wants him impeached.

Quinn's evidence for the impeachment? Must you ask?

Well, she offers the discredited Downing Street memos which the reporter who claimed to have gotten the originals from "a reliable source" says he no longer has. But he did make photo copies of them.

The photo copies? Where are they?

Why, the reporter burnt those, of course. Don't you understand?

Anyway, Confederate Yankee does a first-rate job of telling us about the "Downing Street memos," and in the process he helps us recognize the kind of pundit Beth Quinn is.

His post is a model of the sort of post I try for but often fall short of.

Nice work, CR!

Palmetto Pundit picks up on some MSM hokum

With some gentle poking at The Washington Post for its annual whine about the President's vacation, Palmetto Pundit reminds me again of why he's one of my favorite bloggers.

But I've a question for him. Something he didn't cover in his post.

When comparing President Bush's vacation days to President Clinton's, does the Washington Post count days Clinton spent in the Oval Office with Monica as work or vacation days?

How about all that time Clinton spent with attorneys working up his defense in the Paula Jones suit, and the time he later spent negotiating that $800,000.00 settlement with her?

I'd say all that time was vacation/play related, but I'll listen to any Democrat in or out of MSM who says it was work.

But, of course, the final call is the Washington Post's.

Sen. Kerry sure makes a lot of demands

At, author and scholar Thomas Sowell notes Senator John Kerry "has called the activation of reservists and National Guardsmen 'a backdoor draft.' " Kerry has demanded those activations stop.

In 2003, as American troops were fighting their way into Baghdad, Kerry demanded regime change in the capital city. He was, of course, talking not about Baghdad but Washington.

At the outset of the 2004 presidential campaign, Kerry called a group of businessmen "Benedict Arnolds." Shortly thereafter, he demanded people stop questioning his patriotism.

Later in the presidential campaign, Kerry called the Swift boat veterans liars. Then he demanded they stop criticizing him.

Recently, Kerry demanded the release of all records relating to Judge John Roberts' government service, including records most legal scholars say are protected by attorney-client privilege.

Come to think about it, Kerry's demanded just about everything except release of his own military records.

A kinder, gentler Al Franken?

If you've read Al Franken's books Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot and Other Observations and Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Then; and listened to his harsh personal attacks on those with whom he disagrees, you may have said to yourself: "Al Franken just can't be nice to anyone."

Well, you'd be wrong about that.

An article in today's New York Post reveals a soft-spoken Franken who's sympathetic to someone he sees as a victim: himself.

AL Franken says 20,000 poor kids and old people weren't the only victims of an exec who allegedly arranged a Bronx charity's mega-buck "loan" to Air America.

"About three weeks into the life of Air America, I became an involuntary investor — I stopped being paid," Franken told listeners yesterday on WLIB (1190 AM).

It was the first time the all-liberal network's biggest star addressed at length a controversial $875,000 loan from the disgraced — and now de-funded — Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club.

Is this really a new kinder, gentler Al Frankem we're seeing? Or is he just being careful what he says concerning his former boss and friend about whom he may have to testify in a number of legal proceedings?

And what's with this Franken being victim number 20,001? He's financially very well off, unlike the kids who are among New York City's poorest.

Finally, when will Franken tell us whether he'll invite Michelle Malkin on his show; and if so, under what terms?

I'm sending him another e-mail as soon as I finish this.

Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin

Monday, August 08, 2005

Raleigh News & Observer editor has a bias test

Raleigh News & Observer executive editor and blogger Melanie Sill continues to get readers’ complaints about liberal bias at the N&O.

Sill denies the paper's news columns contain bias:

People I meet often seem to think we make decisions on news based on politics, either overtly or unconsciously. Instead, our framework for pursuing news is based on journalistic questions.

Sill wants readers who see a N&O liberal bias to take a kind of test:

When I've spoken with others who share this perception, I've asked them to look at the paper for a few days as if they were on the other side.

As for any readers who might still see bias, Sill says:

If you're looking for evidence of bias, you can find it.

Despite Sill’s dismissive "If you’re looking for evidence of bias, you can find it," I hope readers will take Sill’s "the other side" test.

But first Sill should give us a clearer idea of what she means by looking from "the other side."

Does she mean political leanings left and right? What constitutes looking from "the other side" for those of us who are political independents or apolitical?

Will Sill accept readers' identification of bias based both on what the N&O reports and on what it fails to report? After all, what a newspaper fails to report can be an excellent indicator of its bias.

For example, on Aug. 5 the N&O ran a pg. 2, three- column, top of the page story with photo about a dustup conservative columnist Bob Novak and Democrat political operative James Carville had on CNN which resulted in Novak’s walking off the set, and subsequently being suspended by CNN.

I’ve no problem with the N&O running a story on the Novak/Carville dustup. It’s newsworthy.

But when I read the Novak/Carville story and also know the N&O has maintained for at least 10 days a news blackout on the loan scandal engulfing liberal talk-radio network Air America, I think about new bias.

If you’re familiar with the Air America scandal, you may want to skip the following paragraph. If you count on the N&O for your news, you may want to read it.

The Air America scandal is now in its 11th day. New York City’s Department of Investigation and New York State’s Attorney General are investigating how and why a community service agency, funded primarily with government grants and charged with serving poor children and the elderly, made unsecured loans to one of its board of directors, who at the time was also an owner of Air America . At least $875,000.00 in loans is involved. Investigators have determined some of the money was spent for personal items; the rest given to financially strapped Air America. New York City will no longer provide money to the community agency. That's forced it to suspend most of its services to some of the city’s poorest children and elderly in the Bronx. Air America has issued a number of statements but they've failed to answer important questions.

The scandal has been widely reported in all New York City newspapers except the liberal Times. For instance, here and here. National newspaper columnists have reported on it. Here’s Mark Steyn’s column. Blogger have reported, with Michelle Malkin and Ed Morrissey on top of the story every day. I just Googled “Air America loan scandal” and got more than 330,000 hits.

All of that, but not one word about the scandal in Raleigh’s liberal N&O.

Besides clarifying what she means by “the other side,” I hope Editor Sill will encourage readers to identify N&O bias not just by what the paper reports, but by what it leaves out.

I'm trackbacking to her post and e-mailing her this post.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Mr. Orkin: Stop by The New York Times

First, The New York Times tried secretly to get into the sealed adoption records of the 4 and 5 year old children of Judge John Roberts and his wife Jane.

The Times "investigation team" only stopped when Matt Drudge and Fox News' Brit Hume turned the lights on them.

The Times then scurried for cover with a Bill Keller "Hey, I'm adopted to" statement.

Now those who fill the The Times "news columns" are back with this headline: "Roberts's View About Privacy Is Still Unclear."

Someone needs to call the pest control man, Mr Orkin. He can be reached here.

If Malkin's ready for Franken's show, where's Al?

Is Michelle Malkin ready to go on Al Franken’s show?

Yesterday, I posted an open e-mail to Franken saying I understood it’s hard for him to talk about Air America’s loan scandal. So why not invite Michelle Malkin on. She’ll present the facts and history of the scandal; then answer listeners’ questions. It’s the least his listeners deserve.

I’ve heard nothing yet from Franken. Malkin responded with “fat chance,” which I think means she’s willing to go on but feels Franken will duck and not invite her.

But one commentator at my blog thinks Malkin’s "fat chance" remark means she wouldn’t go on. I replied (see below)

I’m sending this to Malkin. She can speak for herself.

Meanwhile, if you know Al Franken, please ask him to get in touch with me. If he prefers, he’s of course free to call Malkin to let her know his decision.


A commentator said Michelle Malkin's response indicated she didn't want to go on Al Franken's show.

I think her response indicated she thought there was a "fat chance" (her words) Al Franken would invite her on his show to discuss the Air America loan scandal.

I think Malkin is willing to go on.

Anyway, Malkin can tell us if she'll go on Franken's show and under what conditions.

Franken can tell us whether he'll invite her on and under what conditions.

And meanwhile, the rest of us can visit Malkin's blog and read her latest updates on the scandal.

And we can also visit Franken’s blog at Air America. Maybe one of us will be the first person to see a recent post by Franken or anyone else at Air America about the loan.

I'm going to ask Malkin if she'll promise to link on her site to anything Franken or Air America posts at theirs.

Then, we can all make up our minds.

Are you OK with what I'm proposing?

Thanks for commenting.